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Call for Sustainability Science Papers

Beginning with the first issue in 1915, PNAS has showcased a rich variety of physics research. PNAS has published a range of such work, including Robert Millikan’s experimental exploration of the photoelectric effect [1], Edwin Hubble’s theory of the expanding universe [2], Albert Einstein and Willem de Sitter’s calculations of the density of the universe [3], and Francis Murnaghan’s equation of state describing the behavior of fluids under compression [4].

PNAS remains committed to publishing high-impact, cutting-edge research in Physics. We encourage authors to submit noteworthy physics research articles, particularly those that will create discussion among our broad readership. The increasingly interdisciplinary nature of scientific research underscores the value of publishing in PNAS and is reflected in our high citation rates.

PNAS is the home for outstanding Physics papers, and they may be eligible for a waiver of publication charges including page, color, and supporting information fees. For more information about submitting manuscripts to PNAS, contact Jenn Robinson at

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