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Highlights in PNAS Physics

John A. Rogers and Joseph M. DeSimone
Novel materials
PNAS 2016 113:11667

October 18, 2016; 113 (42)

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John H. Seinfeld, et al.
Improving our fundamental understanding of the role of aerosol−cloud interactions in the climate system
PNAS 2016 113:5781

May 24, 2016; 113 (21)

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Shi-Bo Cheng, Cuneyt Berkdemir, and A. W. Castleman, Jr.
Mimicking the magnetic properties of rare earth elements using superatoms
PNAS 2015 112:4941

April 6, 2015; 112 (16)

Evgueni T. Filipov, Tomohiro Tachi, and Glaucio H. Paulino
Origami tubes assembled into stiff, yet reconfigurable structures and metamaterials
PNAS 2015 112:12321

September 8, 2015; 112 (40)


Adam S. Burrows and Geoffrey W. Marcy
PNAS 2014 111:12599

September 2, 2014; 111 (35)

More Special Features

David J. Harris
Inner Workings: Building accelerator afterburners with plasma
PNAS 2016 113:1107

February 2, 2016; 113 (5)

Image courtesy of Weiming An (University of California, Los Angeles, CA).

Stephen Ornes
News Feature: Beyond graphene
PNAS 2015 112:13128

October 27, 2015; 112 (43)

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Shilova Ekaterina.


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